Department of Environment


Who we are

The Department of Environment was created in 2010 under the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment. It is the environmental authority of the state and is an evolution of the Environment Service which was created in 1986 following a decision of the Council of Ministers. 

The Department of Environment operates as a Regulatory Authority, it adopts, implements, controls and monitors development activities that could have an impact on the environment. It also monitors and evaluates parameters that make up the upgrading of environmental quality. Its field of activity also includes the areas of nature protection and biodiversity as our main natural capital, pollution control and waste management in the context of their use as a circular economy resource, as well as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to effort to combat climate change. 


The Department of Environment works closely with other departments such as the Forestry Department, the Fisheries and Marine Research Department, the Game and Wildlife Service and the Town Planning and Housing Department, for a comprehensive approach to multi-faceted environmental issues. It also maintains constant contact with the European Commission as well as with non-governmental organizations which are an important link for the expression of opinions on various issues.