Monitoring Coalition against Trafficking of Hazardous Waste

Waste management is a priority of European Union, which has set the basic requirements on waste management including the need to ensure that is carried out without endangering human health and the environment.

EU legislation provisions related to the environmentally safe management of hazardous waste refer to monitoring and control obligations by Member-States.

The necessity of ensuring a more effective fight against environmental crime and its possible impacts require the mobilisation of frontline enforcement.

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MoniCoT brings together four operational and four affiliated partners from Greece and Cyprus to a joint action that aims to address the loopholes identified in the monitoring of hazardous waste transportation from EU and third countries towards Greek and Cypriot ports and customs.


The Center for European Constitutional Law (CECL) – Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation

The Center for European Constitutional Law (CECL) – Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation is one of the most active European research institutions. It was founded by Professor Dimitris T. Tsatsos in July 1995 and operates as a non-profit institution.


Cyprus Ports Authority

The Cyprus Ports Authority is a legal public entity established in 1973 and it the Competent Authority for the management, utilisation and development of ports, aids to navigation and the provision of navigational licenses.


Ministry of Environment and Energy

The Ministry of Environment and Energy has the mission of preserving and improving the quality of the environment, the spatial and urban planning of the country, promoting development in the field of energy and fossil raw material and coordinating waste management according to the principles of sustainable development.


Department of Environment

The Department of Environment was created in 2010 under the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment. It is the environmental authority of the state and is an evolution of the Environment Service which was created in 1986 following a decision of the Council of Ministers.



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