The project

Monitoring Coalition against Trafficking of Hazardous Waste

project monicot

Waste management is a priority of European Union, which has set the basic requirements on waste management including the need to ensure that is carried out without endangering human health and the environment. EU legislation provisions related to the environmentally safe management of hazardous waste refer to monitoring and control obligations by Member-States. The necessity of ensuring a more effective fight against environmental crime and its possible impacts require the mobilisation of frontline enforcement. 

MoniCoT brings together four operational and four affiliated partners from Greece and Cyprus to a joint action that aims to address the loopholes identified in the monitoring of hazardous waste transportation from EU and third countries towards Greek and Cypriot ports and customs. The proposed action improves existing procedures of hazardous waste monitoring through the adoption of a common monitoring mechanism and further use of measures that remain unenforced or poorly enforced in Greek and Cypriot control operations.

project monicot

MoniCoT will enable the participating authorities to advance their goals related to minimizing trafficking of hazardous waste transported illegally in their territory through: identification tools, cooperative monitoring and management, as well as targeted capacity building within ports and customs services. Additionally, the project will engage with national schools of judges in an effort to facilitate judicial procedures during the prosecution stage and their capacity to check regulation against the classification of illegal hazardous waste. 

Last but not least, common policy events will enable policy-makers and stakeholders in the field to set common goals on environmental protection through the proper monitoring of illicit flows of waste and the upgrade of regional frontline enforcement to support better protection of the environment and human health in the Mediterranean.